We are a small feed mill, specializing in exceptional service. We have a differential drive roller mill, horizontal mixer, and liquid fat capabilities. We grind, mix, and deliver custom bulk feed rations based on your needs and operation. We care about your animals and your bottom line as much as you do.


In 2017 we decided to begin our own line of bagged cattle feed and mineral to bring better value to you and better nutrition to your animals. We offer these products along with, other, high-quality bagged feeds. From the fish in your pond to your 4-H steer, we have all of the products you need. 


In addition to our two, 15-ton, delivery trucks, we have three, 24-ton-capacity, feed semi-trailers to help deliver more economically to farmers with higher feed demands. 


For your convenience, you can even use our storage to grain bank your own grain.

Contact us today to see how we can best suit your needs! 



Feed Sales

Mark Shaull, Feed Manager
Cell: 563-299-4164
Office: 563-886-8222 
Randy Buesing, Feed Specialist
Cell: 563-320-6394
Office: 563-886-8222

Jared Dewell, Feed Consultant

Cell: 563-321-8121

Office: 563-886-8222



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Feed Operations


Lucas Pelzer, Mill Operator

Office: 563-886-8222




Feed Office: 563-886-8222

Main Office: 563-886-6177

Email: feed@cedarcountycoop.com