3-Reasons Why You Should be Taking Advantage of our Summer Fill!

No LP Demand During Summer

When a product’s commodity cools down, the price lowers. The reason why LP isn’t as hot of a commodity in the summer is because we don’t use it to cool our homes, as we do to heat them. The perfect time to fill your tank for the cooler seasons is to fill when it’s hot outside, not during hot LP demand!


We Attempt to Hold our Price May-August

While we can’t guarantee that we are able to hold our price all summer, 9/10 times we do! Our markets change by the second, but we can -almost- guarantee it won’t affect your price!


We are ALWAYS EARLIER than anyone else!

Yes, earlier! The earliest anywhere else starts their Summer Fill is June, that means you’ll have to wait an entire month extra to take advantage of a valued price! Get your fill-up out of the way this MAY!