What we offer

We offer DeKalb, Asgrow, Mycogen, LG, Nutech, NK, and Cropland varieties of corn and soybeans. No matter what soil type, disease pressure, or insect pressure you may have in a field, our brands can offer a hybrid or variety that will fit the situation.


Our agronomy department offers bulk soybeans and corn as an option to make your spring even more convenient. We have several seed tenders that can be utilized by growers during planting season. 


Custom Seed Treatment is another service we have available to our growers. With our seed treatment system, We can precisely treat your seed with fungicide and insecticide products. 


Contact any one of our agronomic advisors today for more information. 


Small Seed

We offer a wide range of seed for all of your non-row crop needs. Including custom CRP & NRCS program mixes, waterway mix, lawn seed, alfalfa, oats, and other cover crops. Call Phil Petersen at 563-886-6177 for pricing and more information on custom blends.